From Frank 151’s Evan Wood: “The music video for “Coroner” traces the story of a young couple’s tumultuous relationship, which is then mirrored in Lando physically falling apart. Malcolm Critcher, the video’s director, explains that the concept was to show how losing a loved one, whether through a breakup or otherwise, takes something away from you as a person. “We thought the idea of externalizing that, or expressing it on a physical level, would be a really interesting,” he says.

“Coroner” has a paired-down groove, a melancholy synth line, and Lando’s mournful voice—all combining to convey the dull, unabating pain of loss. The video can be visually graphic with the gore, but it still shows some restraint.

This wasn’t Lando’s first experience on a set, but he does say it was a learning experience. When asked how he was able to convey emotional and physical pain without coming off melodramatic, he offers, “Acting is interesting. Too much of it means it’s unbelievable, and too little of it, and you’re looking like Christian Slater,” says Lando. “And you don’t want to look like Christian Slater.””

Taylor Bandit – Believe In Me

This single from Taylor Kasbohm’s debut album was the shifting point of his notorious career. The faith in himself has proven to be the key factor of his burning desire’s manifestation into physical reality. His persistence at a professional level continues to serve him in his positive influence to the world around him.


K. Sparks – ‘Black Caesar’ – OFFICIAL VIDEO

“Black Caesar is a Jazz infused Hip Hop song from K. Sparks up coming album Seasons Theme. The melodic instrumentation sets the perfect back drop for Sparks’ lyricism. In the midst of today’s mainstream Hip Hop culture that glorifies increasingly negative images, it’s refreshing to hear an artist that goes against the grain. After several notable media appearances, numerous awards, crafting songs for various artist, commercial placements and quality albums to his credit. Remaining true to his background and life perspective is what personifies K. Sparks. “

Devine Carama What’s Love f. Fredd C (produced by Jet Taylor)

“Anybody that has ever been apart of the rap game in any capacity knows how cut throat the business is. Living in a small hip hop market like Lexington, KY we deal with the “crab in a bucket” mentality more times than not. Young vs.old, conscious vs gangsta, lyrical vs melodic, etc. Fredd C (who is is 15 years my junior) & I wanted to show unity with the content of the record but also within the collaboration itself. He’s an MC representing the newer wave while I’m from an older era but that doesn’t mean we can’t come together to make great music in the name of our LOVE for the culture!”


BLKFLANL (Barrel Maker X Conductor Williams) – Keep Me Safe

Hailing from Kansas City, MO, BLKFLANL is a hiphop group consisting of Barrel Maker (MC) and Conductor Williams (Producer) With a unique approach to their creative process and a high energy live show, BLKFLANL has it’s sight set on one thing: culture building. The duo joined forces to bridge the gaps between raw, soulful sounds and high level lyricism; connecting with listeners through strong melodies and thought-provoking content. BLKFLANL strives to create high level art and have impact that reaches far beyond any venue or IPod- once again, it’s all about culture building. Drawing influence from everyday life and artists such as Madlib and Nas, BLKFLANL takes a less-is-more approach when creating their music. No flash, no gimmicks, no viral dances. Simply honest, raw hiphop.