V.P. x Kris Marlo – The Equal

Kris Marlo, representing Chicago, Il. and artist V.P., hailing from Gary, In., collectively deliver lyrical bars filled with substance and social commentary on “The Equal”. The duo’s verses arguably speak in a tone of Martin vs. Malcolm, which delivers different prospective and juxtaposition that gives the audience a well written and vivid story of what they feel is happening today with the American culture overall.

Oddisee – Belong To The World | Official Video

It’s been a couple months since the sophomore solo release from rapper/producer Oddisee, and he’s returned with an elaboration on his autobiogrpahical concept. In his new record “The Good Fight” Oddisee expands on ideas of social insulation, needs, wants, alienation, success, failure and life as a cross-cultural artist.

“‘Belong To The World” is a song about making a transition from feeling like I didn’t fit into anything, into understanding we belong to everything.
It is a song about understanding that the world is bigger than the small things we want to be a part of,” Oddisee told The FADER.

The new video for “Belong To The World” shows Oddisee at his most reclusive and introverted, set parallel to his worldy position as a man of the people. This internal struggle of self-identity is used to set the tone for this lush and vivid piece, directed by Zach Kashkett.

The new album “The Good Fight” is out now everywhere.