Antona – Wish It Would Rain (Remastered)

Wish It Would Rain is one of my favorite tracks. I recently revisited the song (mixwise) and decided to mix it all over again because my skills have increased since the original mix, which was a few years ago. It has definitely stood the test of time and the beauty of this song makes it timeless. I clearly remember the night it was recorded…….

Kay Flow was in the studio and we were recording for his project. Antona also came by the studio that night just to say what’s up. When she arrived, Kay Flow was writing a song. He was walking around with a beat blasting thru his headphones connected to the iPad. This meant that the mic was free. So….Tona and I decided to start working on something new since the studio wasn’t being utilized at that moment. I made the beat in front of her and we decided to add some rain to the track and that’s when the creativity started flowing. The plan was to record a song with the theme being “rain”. Tona had the pen & notepad and she spent some time with her mind while I was transferring the beat from the maschine to the DAW (I was using Ableton at the time). Tona had written a hook, but she wanted to get on the mic and play around with some harmonies to get a good feel of the song.

So  I pressed record and let her do her thing.  The track played all the way through and she was just humming and harmonizing over it.  Once she got a good feel for the song, she left to go get some food.  While she was gone, Kay Flow was still writing and I was just sitting there.  So I decided to go ahead and mix what she had recorded.  In our minds, the plan was to delete what she recorded (because it was just practice) and record a full song when she got back.  So my reason for mixing her “practice” was to create a mix bus for her vocals.  It would give me a head start on the EQ and everything for when she came back.  As I was mixing the “practice” oooohs and ahhhhhs, it just flowed and sounded so good.  It sounded so good, I just started arranging certain parts of her practice take.  I kept listening and listening, and I told myself, “this is the song.  This is completed.”

When Tona came back, I told her that the song was done, and she seemed a little confused and I played it for her.  She agreed that it sounded the good the way it was even though it had no verses or anything.  We decided to treat it like an interlude.  After a few listens, we added a layered part in there  where she sings, “I Wish It Would Rain.”  After that we were done.  The song has a sense of freedom to it.  It doesn’t follow any specific format, it just flows as is.  I later sampled Wish It Would Rain to create Kay Flow’s Been Here Before, and guess who was featured on it……..Yeah Antona.  I always thought it was cool that she sings the hook on a song that was sampled from her song (You get to hear her voice in the beat and on the hook).

Please enjoy the song.  It’s the perfect song to ride to at night time.  Download it and share it.

Joker Starr – Purple

With some polished boom bap production from Micall Parknsun, this new single from Joker Starr holds a wealth of lyrical content and a deep bellowing hook inspired by the legend Prince.

“I had the idea to make a chorus out of two ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘1999’ – I wanted to give a feel of one of his records but had no idea how I was going to manage it. The song is more inspired in his style rather than the content of the lyrics.”