Kay Flow | Slave Weapons

Here is the new single from Kay Flow. We are still working hard and we have some good things in store for the Hip Hop heads. On this particular track, I made the beat and listened to it for about a week and the concept just came to me. I really wanted Flow to do a song about how Hip Hop is being used to enslave the mind of the masses. So, instead of just asking him (which I’m sure he would have been excited about), I put the excerpt from a conversation I was having with someone at the beginning. I did this because I wanted him to feel where I was coming from. The next thing I know, he had it written. When he flew in, it was one of the first songs we recorded. This was my first time hearing the lyrics and he executed it. It was one of those moments when something goes better than you had planned.

I wanted to release it right away, but I wanted to have the right visuals to accompany it, which is why it took so long to release it (aside from just being busy). I sat down and thought about a way to incorporate this concept into a visual, and I automatically wanted to use my other passion, photography, to make this happen. I was going to take a photo of someone (or myself) with the headphones around the neck, and go into photoshop to place a picture of a slave with chains around his neck on top of it, and make it transparent to display both images in a way that shows a transition. But before trying that, I wanted to simply try to use photoshop to put some headphones on a slave from a still shot from the movie Roots. After trial and error, I finally came with this image and was satisfied with it.

With all that said, enjoy the song. Also take the time to share it. DOWNLOAD TRACK HERE.