Of Mass Destruction

This track is titled Of Mass Destruction.  There is no long story behind this one.  I took this photo a while back at a hotel, and I got this one printed and matted.  When I observed it, it revealed a compare/contrast of physical damage and mental damage.  Which one is worse?  Are they both equal?  Can one lead to the other?  I tried translating this dialogue into a beat.  The mumbling preacher at the beginning represents the mental damage and the hard hit of the beat represents the physical damage.

Next week, I will be discussing Worse Ship.

Reviled Su Morf Live

This track is title Deliver Us From Evil.  This was the last beat I made towards the Pad God beat tape and it is what I would call “Night Time Music”.  It was created during dark hours and you can’t get the full feeling out of it unless you listen to it at night.  After making this beat, I listened to it and nothing else for a few days to see where my mind would take me.

The darkness of this beat brought me to those times when I was super young and someone in church was “possessed by demons”.  When this happened, they would tell someone to gather up all of the children and takes us outside of the church.  When I got older, I couldn’t make sense of it.  I always thought that church should be the last place where demon attacks happen.  These churches are equipped with holy water, crucifixes, bibles, and pastors.  Another thing that puzzled me is that the person who had demons in them would be perfectly normal before coming into the church, but after sitting in the service for a little while, they would become possessed and start roaring doing scary stuff.  The fact that the demons would only attack people inside church seemed backwards to me.  Making the children leave the church to run from demons also seemed backwards to me.  This “backwardness” is where the motivation for the title and artwork came from.

Next week I will be discussing Of Mass Destruction


Cooperative Kidnapees

This track is titled Cooperative Kidnapees and it was inspired from this photo I took on the road.  I was driving when I saw this church van ahead of me.  There were some children in the van and they were waving their hands out of the back window.  I’m not saying that they were calling for help, but it immediately reminded me of being forced to go to church as a child.  As a child in church, we had to sit in one spot for a long time and it was boring to many of us.  All I wanted to do was leave.  But we were taught that thoughts like this were the work of the devil, so I used to be in denial about how I felt and blame Satan for putting those thoughts in my head.  I couldn’t wait to become a “grown up” because then I wouldn’t be forced to go to church.

The funny thing is, when I did become a “grown up” and got out on my own, I willingly went to church without anyone forcing me.  But, as I sat in church as an adult, I still felt that is was boring and I was ready to leave during service.  I put myself in this situation Sunday after Sunday without realizing that I had the power to just get up and go.  I was a cooperative kidnapee.

This beat resembled that experience.  It starts out in a way where you feel like you know where it is going, but then when it switches up, it’s not what you thought and that unexpected sequence is consistent and becomes the norm.  This is symbolic of being burned out from church and almost reaching adulthood, and once you reach adulthood, you think you’re going to leave, but you end up there again.

Next week, I will be discussing Reviled Su Morf Live.


This track is titled Thieves.  This is a track that was inspired by a photo.  I don’t remember where I was driving to/from, but I remember seeing these crosses in the distance ahead of me, so I prepared to do some drive by photography.  This photo had me thinking about the story of the Jesus crucifixion again.  More specifically, I was thinking about the thieves that were beside him on the cross.  Originally, I had named this track, Surrounded by Thieves, but I like to look at things from multiple perspectives to get the most of out thinking.

I have always been taught that Jesus died for our salvation, but when reading the story of his life, I have to question if it counts.  He died, but he came back to life a few days later, so did everyone lose that salvation when he came back stuntin those nail wounds?  When I look up the definition of salvation it is defined as preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.  Looking at the world we are living in, its hard to say that we have been preserved from harm, ruin, or loss.  Looking at it from that perspective, it appears that everyone was jacked for their salvation.

That is why the cover has the original title with the words “surrounded by” marked out.  This shows that the story was looked at from different views.  It leaves the question, were there 2 thieves on those crosses, or 3 of them?

Next week I will be discussing Cooperative Kidnapees!

The Walking Dead

This track is called “The Walking Dead”.  This was the very first beat I made of all the Pad God joints.  I actually made it way before I decided that there would be a Pad God project.  It was sampled from a song called “The Resurrection”, so the original song is about Jesus’s resurrection.  After I made this beat, it sat for months.  After coming across all of those gospel records my brother had access to, I had forgotten about this beat.  One day I was in NC visiting my Grandpa and he had a “Jesus on the cross” type of decoration on the wall.  It was a dark cross with a golden Jesus hanging from it, and thing about it that caught my attention was that the arm of Jesus was broken.  So I took some photos of it, and observed them later when I got home.

Upon observing the photo, the broken arm on the figure, made me think about zombies.  In the life story of Jesus he died and came back to life, like a zombie, so I thought about “The Walking Dead”.  Keep in mind, the beat was made months before this photo came about, so I had totally forgotten about the beat.  Then one day when I was transferring another beat into my iTunes, I came across that resurrection beat and it clicked right away.  This beat and the photo were a perfect match together.  The strange thing about all of this is that, I recently went to visit my Grandpa again in December.  By this time, the Pad God project was pretty much done.  I was just fine tuning it at this point.  So as I am sitting in his house, I thought about the decoration he had on the wall and I went to go look at it.  The cross was still there, but the Jesus figurine was gone!

Next week I will be talking about “Thieves”.

Hammer Time

This track is titled “Hammer Time”. I’m a photographer before anything, and many of these Pad God tracks were inspired by photos that I have taken. Anybody who knows me knows that I keep a camera on me at all times. I saw this statue/monument in a cemetery, and since it sparked my interest, I went into the cemetery and got up close to take a few shots. I went home and observed the photos and obviously the first thing to come to mind is the story of Jesus’s crucifixion. Whenever I get into deep thought about anything, no matter how minor or serious it is, silly thoughts always pass thru because I guess my sense of humor always stays on.

So, what came across my mind is that at some point in time when Jesus was carrying the cross and got closer to reaching his destination, one of the soldiers had to jump in front of him and say, “stop, hammer time”, and they nailed him and you know the rest.  Then I started thinking about how MC Hammer did a celebration type of dance after he said “hammer time”.  I tied that to how those who believe in Jesus celebrate his death.  You always see pictures, figurines, jewelry and all kinds of things that show the worst part of his life.  I have never seen a poster of Jesus walking on water in anybody’s living room.  So after giving it a few days of thought, the Hammer Time title stuck.

Now for the beat itself, I knew for sure that I wanted the sample in the beginning (before the beat drops) to be part of the first track. At first I flipped that sample, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it. I sat on this one for weeks. Then I just decided to use the beginning and take one of the strongest beats to come on after that to use as my introduction track. When the beat drops that sample came from me taking something that I heard my brother listening to. He is like the guru of gospel music, so he will play gospel music from any era and know everything about the artist. He was listening to this Clark Sisters joint and it was one of those songs that touched me as soon as I heard it and I knew a bananas beat was going to come from it, so I remember borrowing it and that is where my memory stops on this. I don’t even remember making this beat so this was a moment where the Pad God had taken over my soul.

Next week I will be talking about “The Walking Dead”

Pad God: A beat tape by Mixtape Meeko

Pad God is here! Please check out my newest masterpiece. I have always thought that gospel records have the best samples and I hardly came across them during my crate diggin trips. When ever I did come across a gospel record, it was like gold. My brother had access to the archives at a gospel radio station and it was more gospel records than I could ever imagine. I had always wanted to do a beat tape with all gospel samples and this was the time. So, I decided to work on an all gospel samples project.

When I went to my brother’s studio, there were gospel records everywhere.  I had my MPC 1000 with me and when I walked into the studio, something came over me.  That first day, I was so excited about those records, I was pumping out beats like crazy.  I was possessed by the Pad God, and that’s what I decided to call this project.  I spent over 6 months creating this and didn’t even realize it.

A lot of this time was spent outside of the studio.  When I was in the car, I would listen to the gospel station on the radio.  When I spent time of youtube, I would look at sermons, religious debates, and anything in the “church” realm.  Photography was  major part of this project too.  I keep a camera on me at all times, so I was getting photos that motivated a lot of these tracks.  When I was laying down to journey into deep thought, I revisited the past, because I was a child who grew up in the church.  So this project came deep from within and I think it can be felt when you listen to it.

I decided to do 16 tracks because there are 16 pads on my MPC.  There are 16 pads on the Maschine also, but the majority of the beats on here were made with the MPC.  Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the cover art for each track and a look inside of my mind and the inspirations behind each track.  Stay on the lookout for that and in the mean time, enjoy this.

Skelly Productions – Declaration Of Independence II (album)

Shoutout to everybody who contributed to this piece. I am glad to have been part of this. Shoutout to MaddFrequency for putting this together. Shoutout to MaddFrequency again for ALWAYS being on the music. There are times when I’m just not there creatively and he will send some joints for my opinion and it ends up motivating me. Shoutout to CFC for keeping that element of the REAL DJ in Hip Hop alive. The intro is bananas. Shoutout to AlphaMega on the infinite amount of drum patterns that he is always putting out. Shoutout to the emcees on this joint. Taylor Bandit, Kay Flow, and Intellect have the most difficult job to do, which is doing the beats justice. It has to be a lot of pressure on yall to hear a dope beat and try to make it into a timeless track. Give Declaration of Independence II a listen and your support!