Chris $pencer- Blessed

Once again Chicago Hiphop artists Chris Crack and Vic Spencer teamed up again to form Chris $pencer and dropped Blessed on us today… Crack and Spencer alone drop dope records every few weeks, and to hit us with an album like Blessed  is bananas! The production selection and the few features from artist like Ugly Boy Modeling, Sulaiman, $tevie Adam$ and Tree, this one is  guaranteed to be on rotation for a long time to come… Salute!

Mobb Deep – Shook Ones

This is a hard one to write… Today the world lost one of the dopest artist to ever touch the mic!  Prodigy, has died at 42.

I still remember back in 95′ when my God brother, Patrick, and I would sit on the porch all summer long bumping  joints like Mobb Deep, Lost Boyz, Onyx and all them New York crews that had the game on lock!   Days and nights planning moves and decisions that would change our lives have always  been with Mobb Deep playing in the back round.  Till this day ThaLookout staff has ‘The Infamous’ on rotation…We lost a great one today.

Rest in peace Prodigy.