Skelly Productions – Declaration Of Independence II (album)

Shoutout to everybody who contributed to this piece. I am glad to have been part of this. Shoutout to MaddFrequency for putting this together. Shoutout to MaddFrequency again for ALWAYS being on the music. There are times when I’m just not there creatively and he will send some joints for my opinion and it ends up motivating me. Shoutout to CFC for keeping that element of the REAL DJ in Hip Hop alive. The intro is bananas. Shoutout to AlphaMega on the infinite amount of drum patterns that he is always putting out. Shoutout to the emcees on this joint. Taylor Bandit, Kay Flow, and Intellect have the most difficult job to do, which is doing the beats justice. It has to be a lot of pressure on yall to hear a dope beat and try to make it into a timeless track. Give Declaration of Independence II a listen and your support!

Chris $pencer- Blessed

Once again Chicago Hiphop artists Chris Crack and Vic Spencer teamed up again to form Chris $pencer and dropped Blessed on us today… Crack and Spencer alone drop dope records every few weeks, and to hit us with an album like Blessed  is bananas! The production selection and the few features from artist like Ugly Boy Modeling, Sulaiman, $tevie Adam$ and Tree, this one is  guaranteed to be on rotation for a long time to come… Salute!

Noname – Telefone

If you missed the initial stream, the project is actually the Chicago artist’s debut effort– and it’s been in the works for three years. It features like-minded Chi-town artists and MCs, including theMIND, Jamila Woods, Saba as well as features from Raury, Smino and more… This is an instant classic on heavy rotation!

Taylor Bandit – Conflicted Conscience (album)

Check this new Taylor Bandit album. I was able to give it 2 full listens on a drive today and it is a nice sounding album. MaddFrequency puts out some beautiful production on this joint, often assisted by the drum work of AlphaMega. Taylor does it all justice too. Give this one a listen, download, and share it.

Burns Twins x KAINA x Bedows — sweet asl.

“This shit just happened so fast like we were just creating and FaceTiming every 5 minutes and before we knew it there was a project. It was so natural and the vibe that was present was so pleasant and warming.”

“I want people to feel the love and warmth I felt making and collaborating on this music especially in these dark times.”

– Eddie

“I can remember sitting in my bedroom, trumpet in hand. There were a good 9 other people in the room, mind you. The room isn’t terribly large. I had been trying to record this one trumpet line for nearly an hour, take after take, driving me crazy. I was ready to give up, when I decided to take a completely different approach. I wanted to make what I was recording beautiful, thus taking a new approach. After that, I finally found what worked. I guess I share that story simply because it was very symbolic of trying different means to make something beautiful. This process of creation and this constant desire to make beautiful music is truly what this album means to me.”

“I have no idea what I want to get out of this album. I feel as if this album is more for others to listen and share–to make something that inspires and sets a happy tone.”

– Iz

“Some songs come together really quickly and you just know they’re gonna be good. Others take a good amount of time and head-beating to finally click. The song ‘Sleepyhead’ is an example of one that took forever to be good. While we were finishing up the EP, Iz and I were not liking this song at all. Then the night before it had to be done for mixing, the four of us spent six hours in our basement studio completely reworking the song, turning it into what it is on the EP. The dedication we all showed in completing ‘Sleepyhead’ was one of the most inspiring moments of this whole experience and its story comes to mind every single time I listen to the song–I’ll never forget it.”


“Creating this project was so beautiful. It was my every day for the last three months. I can’t even explain how it came about because it was so organic and fast. Most people take way more than three months to complete a project but when you find the right people to work with it is something truly magical that manifests way quicker than you think it ever will. Iz and Eddie at one point went to Italy and there was a day where Eddie and I FaceTimed for like 10 hours while sending each other files back and forth for this song called ‘La Luna.’ He had recorded waves in Italy and produced the track and I had recorded all my vocals in my room in Chicago. We pretty much finished that song within that day.”

“Out of this project, I have no idea what will come. But I do hope people feel everything we felt–just a natural, beautiful and loving summer. This is basically the conclusion to our summer and we have put everything into it. All the outside obstacles and happenings felt during this project are in it–all the love we found for each other as people and the birth of a new friendship between all of us too. Me personally, this is the first project I’ve worked this hard on and committed to in this way so I am truly excited to show people what kind of work I and the twins do.”