What is “Join Or Die” ?

Join or Die is an attitude. It is a social media slogan turning into a real life movement symbolizing the angry mob culture and desperation of progressive minds in response to social injustice. Join or Die is us. It is a social media account that invites people artists and others alike to express themselves. We stand for giving forums and space for us to express, to vent. This mix  by Kez the Dude embodies the energy behind the three words. It was released weeks ago through the great blog The Juice Daily. Dive into the world of 90’s babies and millenial angst. Listen to the anti. Join or Die! 

I Think I Found Some Heat | #cratediggers

Dig Records image

I recently went into one of those antique warehouse stores that sell a lot of old stuff.  I didn’t expect to run into a lot of vinyl, but there was a lot of vinyl in there.  On top of that, they were trying to get rid of everything, so the prices were cool.  I didn’t have my portable record player with me, so I had to dig from the heart, which consists of grabbing based on the way the album artwork hits me.  The moral of the story is, when you are preparing to go diggin, don’t just look for record stores, look up thrift stores, antique warehouses stores, flea markets, and things of that nature.

Diggin’ Spots: Rhythm Records Music Cafe

Rhythm Records Music Cafe image

An authentic diggin’ spot has a certain feel to it. When you walk in, there is an instant comfort that hits you. The atmosphere puts you in the mood to dig and you may end up staying in there for hours. Rhythm Records Music Cafe in Bismarck North Dakota is one of those spots. As soon as I walked in the environment was right and I felt at home. The guy who ran the place was knowledgeable on the records and didn’t mind spinning a few of them for me. This place also has open mic nights which is a good networking opportunity for the local talent. I have been to quite a few record stores in North Dakota and this one has to be my favorite in the state. Check out the Rhythm Records Music Cafe WEBSITE and also like them on FACEBOOK. Shoutout to Plush Style Photography on the visuals!

Rhythm Records Store image
Rhythm Records Diggin