Skelly Productions – Declaration Of Independence II (album)

Shoutout to everybody who contributed to this piece. I am glad to have been part of this. Shoutout to MaddFrequency for putting this together. Shoutout to MaddFrequency again for ALWAYS being on the music. There are times when I’m just not there creatively and he will send some joints for my opinion and it ends up motivating me. Shoutout to CFC for keeping that element of the REAL DJ in Hip Hop alive. The intro is bananas. Shoutout to AlphaMega on the infinite amount of drum patterns that he is always putting out. Shoutout to the emcees on this joint. Taylor Bandit, Kay Flow, and Intellect have the most difficult job to do, which is doing the beats justice. It has to be a lot of pressure on yall to hear a dope beat and try to make it into a timeless track. Give Declaration of Independence II a listen and your support!

Prodigy Tribute (prod. by Mixtape Meeko)

Hip Hop lost one of the great ones today. I’m not trying to sound cliché, but Prodigy was one of the few artists in my permanent playlist. As a producer, he was at the top of my dream collaboration list. I have made plenty of beats picturing Prodigy laying verses to them. This is one of the beats I made with him in mind. Get the download HERE.


Jay Elly – Thirst Trap

In today’s society, the internet has made it easy for someone to become famous and many women are following the trend. They use Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat to try as a “thirst trap” and Jay Elly gives his take on the matter over the Montreux produced record, “Thirst Trap”.

Swill the Will – HIATUS (EP Review)

Written by Kez The Dude

It is rare that an artist can craft a project that feels plucked from the sky. In a sense, projects with unique sounds of their own give humanity a glimpse of a potential wavelength. HIATUS and projects like it are scarce. The feeling i get when listening to this project is the same when i listened to Toro y Moi’s Causers of This for the first time. The sound crafted by Swill is a perfect blend, a smooth imposition, a fusion of countless genres. There are so many aspects and influences gathering in this EP. To start there is an obvious presence of Rap 808s, reverb ridden passionate vocals and chilling textures. Swill’s delivery is dynamic and grungy. It is reminiscent of few and comparable to the likes of Spooky Black and King Krule. With all comparisons aside my favorite part of this project is the cohesive production. Sometimes artist try to make a cohesive project and it ends up being boring. What is great about HIATUS is its length and its ambiguity. Three songs with such progression and structure force the audience to go back in order to re-experience their favorite part. It has so much replay value due to the drowsy catchy flows that sit on top of guitar licks and boolin bass. The best example of this value is on the song “Whims”. where Swills delivery hooks the listeners no Captain or Rufio. Swill is a blogger but an artist first. His work ethic in getting out the best and most diverse talent in Chicago is very admirable. Now he has a body of work to stand behind. The last two minutes  of Friend (Enemy) is the most beautiful moment in the entire EP. Emily McGill’s vocal perfectly contrast’s the Will’s wailing cry. There is so much bounce, atmosphere and emotion in this record.When asking Swill what inspired him to create this project he simply told me Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.37.18 AM

” I kind of thought of it at first as just a story about a relationship: the ascent and descent of it and thats definitely what it is on the outside. But its also a bit of a paradox. Its also about growing on your own and how you need to kind of create a hiatus from others and drugs to find whats truly important to you. I see hiatus is like a void. The paradox is that people tend to fill the void by surrounding themselves with others and a bunch of other external shit but what they really need to do is take a hiatus from all that and let themselves grow.”

Its obvious that this man is thoughtful and intentional. His approach will hopefully always be cutting edge as this first project. With time i can see Swill’s sound spreading to the masses. There is still room for growth but with such a strong showing in his debut lets hope Swill’s next hiatus doesn’t last too long. There is room in the game for Swill he just needs to keep caving out his lane.


Thaddeus David “Annex”

Returning with his latest visual for “Annex”, Thaddeus David gives his viewer a unique experience for the second visual off of his “Parallels EP”. With close to no performance scenes “Annex” shows the viewer a rare authentic inside look into Thaddeus’s life off the stage ” Shot over the span of a few days Thaddeus David and bvhutch.visuals capture the journey behind the mic with the captivating experience that is “Annex”.