Mobb Deep – Shook Ones

This is a hard one to write… Today the world lost one of the dopest artist to ever touch the mic!  Prodigy, has died at 42.

I still remember back in 95′ when my God brother, Patrick, and I would sit on the porch all summer long bumping  joints like Mobb Deep, Lost Boyz, Onyx and all them New York crews that had the game on lock!   Days and nights planning moves and decisions that would change our lives have always  been with Mobb Deep playing in the back round.  Till this day ThaLookout staff has ‘The Infamous’ on rotation…We lost a great one today.

Rest in peace Prodigy.

Kay Flow – Feature Presentation (Official Video)

Feature Presentation is one of my favorite tracks.  The beat itself is special because it is the first beat created from scratch with my cousin Big Tomb playing the live bass.  We have other collabs, but all of those were already made beats that he just played the bass over.  Kay Flow had just flew in and we were recording for a few days, then the cousin came through, and he played the bass over a few tracks we had done.  We then decided to make something together from scratch.  I chopped up a sample and put it together and he played the bass over it.  The next morning, while everybody was still sleep, I listened to the beat with fresh ears, and I just wasn’t feeling it.  The bass part was good, I just wasn’t feeling the way I used the sampled.  So, I chopped up a sample of the “unliked” beat and put some crazy drums over it.  When Flow and Tomb finally got to hear the beat, they had a genuine reaction (a good one) to the beat.  I knew Kay Flow was feeling it because he immediately recorded to it.  Here is some footage from the making of it: Making of Feature Presentation.  Anyways, enjoy the video and mark your calendars for June 30th when Bars Over Dope Beats is released.