This track is titled Cooperative Kidnapees and it was inspired from this photo I took on the road.  I was driving when I saw this church van ahead of me.  There were some children in the van and they were waving their hands out of the back window.  I’m not saying that they were calling for help, but it immediately reminded me of being forced to go to church as a child.  As a child in church, we had to sit in one spot for a long time and it was boring to many of us.  All I wanted to do was leave.  But we were taught that thoughts like this were the work of the devil, so I used to be in denial about how I felt and blame Satan for putting those thoughts in my head.  I couldn’t wait to become a “grown up” because then I wouldn’t be forced to go to church.

The funny thing is, when I did become a “grown up” and got out on my own, I willingly went to church without anyone forcing me.  But, as I sat in church as an adult, I still felt that is was boring and I was ready to leave during service.  I put myself in this situation Sunday after Sunday without realizing that I had the power to just get up and go.  I was a cooperative kidnapee.

This beat resembled that experience.  It starts out in a way where you feel like you know where it is going, but then when it switches up, it’s not what you thought and that unexpected sequence is consistent and becomes the norm.  This is symbolic of being burned out from church and almost reaching adulthood, and once you reach adulthood, you think you’re going to leave, but you end up there again.

Next week, I will be discussing Reviled Su Morf Live.