This track is titled “Hammer Time”. I’m a photographer before anything, and many of these Pad God tracks were inspired by photos that I have taken. Anybody who knows me knows that I keep a camera on me at all times. I saw this statue/monument in a cemetery, and since it sparked my interest, I went into the cemetery and got up close to take a few shots. I went home and observed the photos and obviously the first thing to come to mind is the story of Jesus’s crucifixion. Whenever I get into deep thought about anything, no matter how minor or serious it is, silly thoughts always pass thru because I guess my sense of humor always stays on.

So, what came across my mind is that at some point in time when Jesus was carrying the cross and got closer to reaching his destination, one of the soldiers had to jump in front of him and say, “stop, hammer time”, and they nailed him and you know the rest.  Then I started thinking about how MC Hammer did a celebration type of dance after he said “hammer time”.  I tied that to how those who believe in Jesus celebrate his death.  You always see pictures, figurines, jewelry and all kinds of things that show the worst part of his life.  I have never seen a poster of Jesus walking on water in anybody’s living room.  So after giving it a few days of thought, the Hammer Time title stuck.

Now for the beat itself, I knew for sure that I wanted the sample in the beginning (before the beat drops) to be part of the first track. At first I flipped that sample, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it. I sat on this one for weeks. Then I just decided to use the beginning and take one of the strongest beats to come on after that to use as my introduction track. When the beat drops that sample came from me taking something that I heard my brother listening to. He is like the guru of gospel music, so he will play gospel music from any era and know everything about the artist. He was listening to this Clark Sisters joint and it was one of those songs that touched me as soon as I heard it and I knew a bananas beat was going to come from it, so I remember borrowing it and that is where my memory stops on this. I don’t even remember making this beat so this was a moment where the Pad God had taken over my soul.

Next week I will be talking about “The Walking Dead”