Pad God is here! Please check out my newest masterpiece. I have always thought that gospel records have the best samples and I hardly came across them during my crate diggin trips. When ever I did come across a gospel record, it was like gold. My brother had access to the archives at a gospel radio station and it was more gospel records than I could ever imagine. I had always wanted to do a beat tape with all gospel samples and this was the time. So, I decided to work on an all gospel samples project.

When I went to my brother’s studio, there were gospel records everywhere.  I had my MPC 1000 with me and when I walked into the studio, something came over me.  That first day, I was so excited about those records, I was pumping out beats like crazy.  I was possessed by the Pad God, and that’s what I decided to call this project.  I spent over 6 months creating this and didn’t even realize it.

A lot of this time was spent outside of the studio.  When I was in the car, I would listen to the gospel station on the radio.  When I spent time of youtube, I would look at sermons, religious debates, and anything in the “church” realm.  Photography was  major part of this project too.  I keep a camera on me at all times, so I was getting photos that motivated a lot of these tracks.  When I was laying down to journey into deep thought, I revisited the past, because I was a child who grew up in the church.  So this project came deep from within and I think it can be felt when you listen to it.

I decided to do 16 tracks because there are 16 pads on my MPC.  There are 16 pads on the Maschine also, but the majority of the beats on here were made with the MPC.  Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the cover art for each track and a look inside of my mind and the inspirations behind each track.  Stay on the lookout for that and in the mean time, enjoy this.