Crate Diggers – Junkies or Enthusiasts?


 Do you have a need to get your fingers dirty from digging thru crates of old vinyl?  Have you ever felt a high after discovering one of your local spot sells vinyl records?  Must you buy 20 more records after just buying 15 the previous week that you haven’t even listened to yet?  Whether you answer yes to all of these questions or just one, you might be considered a vinyl junkie.  I also fall into this category but “junkie” is not how anyone would like to describe themselves.  I like to think of us as vinyl enthusiasts!

D’Ron – Heart Break (Official Trailer)

So a few weeks ago I got a chance to work with an artist named D’Ron.  I produced this song called “Heart Break” for him.  To make a long story short, He came over and recorded a song in the studio.  So just out of nowhere, my phone goes off and its a text from him with a youtube link.

He already got a video done for the song!  He recorded the song and did a video in the blink of an eye.  I respect that kind of work ethic.  Anyways check out the video.  The song is called Heart Break produced by yours truly.  D’Ron’s mixtape “The Reincarnation of New Money” hosted by DJ Kceaser is dropping in June.

Just Poets – ReAwakened (prod. by Jeepz)

This is from Just Poets.  Just Poets consist of Street Scholar and Just Peace, 2 emcees coming out of Ottawa, Canada.  Their producer/engineer is Jeepz, a dope producer I link up with her on Tha Lookout. This Track is called “ReAwakened”, off of the upcoming album “A Journey Called Self”. The video was shot with an IPhone, directed and edited by Jeepz.  Check it out.

Also check out his website (Dope by the way)

CLICK HERE to preview Just Poets upcoming album “A Journey Called Self” .

You can also find Just Poets on