KevWest and KillahTrakz – #IHateMixtapes EP

KevWest and KillahTrakz – #IHateMixtapes EP

This project came together over a mutual respect for Hip Hop.  KevWest and KillahTrakz linked up over the internet some time ago.  KevWest’s beats and KillahTrakz rhymes put together equals to some good Hip Hop.

CLICK HERE to download the EP.

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Check out “Round n Round”

Lace Cruz – The Blue Line Ep

I just came across this Ep from Lace Cruz.  I love the vibe from it.  Definitely Hip Hop!  Check it out for yourself.  Follow Lace Cruz on Twitter @eserocks.

To download The Blue Line Ep CLICK HERE.

Listen to “Gold diggers Shawdow” <p><a href=””>Gold diggers Shawdow by Lace Cruz</a></p>

Inspiration & Wisdom – Your Journey!!!!

Your Journey:
Never compare your journey to someone else’s because you don’t know what destiny God has in store for you versus what he has in store for theirs! Comparing yourself to somone else’s accolades and achievements as a measuring stick “may” de-value your own. I’m learning the more I focus on overcoming my own shortcomings, that I am my biggest competitor that I will ever face. It’s a daily battle! Be inspired and motivated by others doing positive things that interests and incites you to make a difference or an impact in the world as well as self. Do this without trying to be them! Experience is the perfect teacher and vision is his best student. Learn YOU before you do the knowledge on someone else and you might find that you were the teacher all along! Keep YOUR pace, but make sure God is at your finish line ~Flow~

RIP Etta James

At last
My love has come along
My lonely days are over and life is like a song…

These are just a few of the great sultry vocals that the late Etta James (born Jamesetta Hawkins, January 25, 1938) has blessed us with over her lifetime.

Starting her singing career at the age of 5, Etta James was an acclaimed gospel music prodigy and recorded her first R&B hit at the tender age of 15.
Having toured, performed and recorded with some of the top names that R&B, Blues and Rock has to offer, Etta James is considered one of the most critically acclaimed and influential female singers of the past 50 years.
Though her rocky and turbulent lifestyle often overshadowed her talent, we at ‘Tha Lookout’ like to let her music and accolades speak for themselves:

27 studio albums, 3 live albums, 8 compilation albums, 6 Grammys, 12 Grammy nominations, 17 Blues Music Awards, inductions to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1993), The Blues Hall of Fame (2001), and The Grammy Hall of Fame (1999, 2008).
Rolling Stone Magazine has listed Etta James as #22 of the Greatest singers of all time.

Etta James succumbed to her battle with Leukemia January 20, 2012 at the age of 73.
Tha Lookout salutes you and thanks you for a lifetime of memories.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Etta James.

The Shop

A time honored tradition of the Hip-Hop lifestyle, is style itself.  From the Timbs and bubble vest of NYC, to the Khaki shorts and POLO shirts of the south, to the creased out jeans and ‘colors’ of the west coast all virtues start at the mecca of style…the Barber Shop.

Though seemingly basic, a fresh haircut is the one  most important and universal aspect of even beginning to have style.
Embedded in the earliest memories of most young men, the Barber Shop has been the place where your first glimpse into manhood started.
From your first visit, where everyone called you ‘Lil Man’, to you pointing to the poster trying to get the crazy lines all through your head, just to have your parent say “take a lil off the top, and fade the rest”, to you over hearing stories of blow jobs and back shots even before you actually knew what they were.  The barbers did much more than just cut hair.  They were styling coaches, counselors, love doctors, news anchors, and anything else that you needed.
Some characteristics of a good Shop are; they are next to a corner store, a fried chicken joint, or a Chinese food restaurant.  The front door is open and no matter how busy it is, there is a barber smokeing a Newport, someone is selling bootleg anythings, and plenty of SHIT talking!!

The Barber shop…just one if the cornerstones of being a young man in Hip-hop.  Keep the memories pure and alive.  DO NOT bring a woman or significant other to the shop at any time!! It has been, will be and is a designated man cave.. respect that.. and shout out to the single mothers, who continue to bring young men to the shops to get a true upbringing..and don’t forget to tip your Barber, they work hard for that money… This is Hip-Hop