This track is titled Thieves.  This is a track that was inspired by a photo.  I don’t remember where I was driving to/from, but I remember seeing these crosses in the distance ahead of me, so I prepared to do some drive by photography.  This photo had me thinking about the story of the Jesus crucifixion again.  More specifically, I was thinking about the thieves that were beside him on the cross.  Originally, I had named this track, Surrounded by Thieves, but I like to look at things from multiple perspectives to get the most of out thinking.

I have always been taught that Jesus died for our salvation, but when reading the story of his life, I have to question if it counts.  He died, but he came back to life a few days later, so did everyone lose that salvation when he came back stuntin those nail wounds?  When I look up the definition of salvation it is defined as preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.  Looking at the world we are living in, its hard to say that we have been preserved from harm, ruin, or loss.  Looking at it from that perspective, it appears that everyone was jacked for their salvation.

That is why the cover has the original title with the words “surrounded by” marked out.  This shows that the story was looked at from different views.  It leaves the question, were there 2 thieves on those crosses, or 3 of them?

Next week I will be discussing Cooperative Kidnapees!