This track is called “The Walking Dead”.  This was the very first beat I made of all the Pad God joints.  I actually made it way before I decided that there would be a Pad God project.  It was sampled from a song called “The Resurrection”, so the original song is about Jesus’s resurrection.  After I made this beat, it sat for months.  After coming across all of those gospel records my brother had access to, I had forgotten about this beat.  One day I was in NC visiting my Grandpa and he had a “Jesus on the cross” type of decoration on the wall.  It was a dark cross with a golden Jesus hanging from it, and thing about it that caught my attention was that the arm of Jesus was broken.  So I took some photos of it, and observed them later when I got home.

Upon observing the photo, the broken arm on the figure, made me think about zombies.  In the life story of Jesus he died and came back to life, like a zombie, so I thought about “The Walking Dead”.  Keep in mind, the beat was made months before this photo came about, so I had totally forgotten about the beat.  Then one day when I was transferring another beat into my iTunes, I came across that resurrection beat and it clicked right away.  This beat and the photo were a perfect match together.  The strange thing about all of this is that, I recently went to visit my Grandpa again in December.  By this time, the Pad God project was pretty much done.  I was just fine tuning it at this point.  So as I am sitting in his house, I thought about the decoration he had on the wall and I went to go look at it.  The cross was still there, but the Jesus figurine was gone!

Next week I will be talking about “Thieves”.